Trekking on the plateau "Kok-Zhailau"

Kok Zhailau is one of the most beautiful places on the territory of the Ile-Alatau National Natural Park. "Kөk Jailau" in translation from the Kazakh language means Green pasture. Thus, the name of the place cannot be better described, in spring and summer on the Kok Zhaylau plateau, the abundance of greenery amazes imagination. This plateau under the peak of Kumbel with a view of Almaty.

The trail passes through the birch and pine groves, wonderful views of the Talgar Pass and the nearest peaks open up from the ridge.

Almaty - stop "sanatorium Prosveshchenets" (not reaching Medeo) - tract Kok Zhailau - same return - stop "sanatorium Prosveshchenets" - Almaty city

Season: all year round (in winter the route is more difficult)
Duration: 1 day
Duration of active part: 4-5 hours
Vertical drop: 1500-2200 m
Route difficulty: medium