Wonders of Zhetisu

Temirlik is the right tributary of the Charyn River, which forms a canyon inimitable in its beauty, not inferior to the famous "Valley of Castles". In the deep canyon along the shores of Temirlik not only the poplar turang grows, but also relict ash, which form cool groves. It is especially pleasant to relax after descending into the canyon from the hot desert. After a rest in the "Fairy Valley" you can see the amazing view - the merger of Temirlik and Charyn. Along the way to the Kegen village, we meet many beautiful springs and the Saks burial mounds, it is considered a sinkhole, they are located with a cross line exactly south to the north and west to the east and in the middle stands the ancient Saki monument as two vertically standing stones.These two stones in the circle of mounds, considered as a gate, to communicate with the spirits of the dead who are buried here.

Tuzkol - salty mountain lake in Kazakhstan, located on the left bank of the upper reaches of the river Charyn in Raiymbek district in the south-east of Almaty region. It is located in the mountain frame of the Kegensky hollow (1959 m above sea level), 70 km to the east of Kegen. In good weather in the morning from Tuzkol we can see the majestic peak of the Tien Shan - the pyramidal peak Khan-Tengri (7010 m). The salinity of the Tuzkol lake varies according to the seasons of the year. It is found that it can reach 300 g / l and is almost the same as in the Dead Sea in Israel or the Great Salt Lake in the USA.

Program and itinerary:

1 day
6:00 - Departure from Almaty
9:30 - 10:00 Arrive to merge of Temirlik and Charyn
10:00 - 11:30 - Sightseeing in Temirlik Canyon
11:30 - 13:00 - Departure to Kegen village
13:00 - 16:00 - Driving near Kegen river, sightseeing springs and Saks burial mounds
16:00 - Departure to Tuzkol Lake
17:30 - Arrival to Tuzkol Lake, set up a camp and dinner.

2 day
8:00 - wake up& view to peak Khan Tengri
9:00 - Breakfast
10:00 Departure to Tekes river
13:00- Sightseeing in Tekes river
17:00 - Arrive to Tekes waterfall, set up a camp and dinner.

3 day
8:00 - Wake up
9:00 - Breakfast
10:00 - Walking around Tekes waterfall
13:00 - Drive to Saryzhas Valley
14:30 - 16:00 - Sightseeing in Valley
16:00 - Departure to Almaty
19:00 - Dinner in a roadside cafe
22:30 - Arrival to Almaty city