Tekes waterfall ride

Enroll in a bike tour in this topic (leaving a comment)
Price: 33 000 tenge / person *
Included in the price:
✔ Transportation of a tourist and his bicycle from the city to the cycling route and back.
✔ Car tracking on the cycle track.
✔ Drinking water and food.
✔ Eco-posts, fees for entering the national park.
✔ Assistance to the cyclist on the route.
✔ Bicycle repair kit (keys, pump, patches, spare chambers of all sizes, chain lubrication, high-pressure pump, brake repair kit and other tools and spare parts);
✔ Training and assistance led instructor.
✔ General first aid kit (bandages, peroxide, painkillers, etc.).
✔ Bivouaching equipment: table, chairs, washbasin, soap, dishes, burners, etc.
The price does not include:
✔ Spare parts and consumables for bicycles.
✔ Fast carbohydrates during pedaling.
✔ Tent, sleeping bag, karemat.
Be sure to bring your equipment with you:
✔ Bicycle.
✔ Tent, sleeping bag, carpet.
✔ Helmet and optional protection.
✔ Individual first-aid kit (if there are any diseases).
✔ Sunscreen cream.
✔ Flask for water.
✔ Bike backpack.
✔ Windbreaker, raincoat.
Payment must be paid before 14.06.2017.
Making a payment - confirms your participation, and is the armor of the place!
In case of cancellation, the payment will not be refunded!
Limited number of seats!