A trip to two Butakovsky Falls

Gorge "Butakovskoe" - Upper Butakovskiy waterfall - Lower Butakovskiy waterfall - descent to the beginning of the trail.

Butakovsky waterfalls are a popular place among local residents. In summer, a large number of tourists come to them to plunge into the coolness of waterfalls. A lot of people know about the presence of the second waterfall, but few people visited it, we invite you to visit this unique place!

08:00 - 08:30 - gathering at the Central Stadium parking lot
08:30 - Departure by transport to Butakovskoe Gorge
09:30 - the beginning of the ascent
12:00 - Upper Butakovskiy Falls
13:30 - The Lower Butakovsky Falls
15:00 - Descent to the beginning of the trail
16:30 - return to the city